Whether you're looking for your dream home in France, an investment flat in Paris, or a castle in Bordeaux...

Please contact IFL which has been working with a very selected network of French real estate agents, builders, notaries and banks, for the last 20 years.



Our Services

Specializing in services to non-residents, IFL will assist you with:

  • Advice and personal assistance to purchase a property in France
  • Sourcing for luxurious apartments in Paris, Hotels Particuliers, Castles and Vineyards, Hotels and Palaces
  • Recommendations and audit on selected properties
  • Procedural, legal and financial assistance
  • Organization of the property visits all over France


With a network of French real estate agents, builders, notaries and banks, IFL is your ideal partner for a turnkey service.


In order to provide you with a wide range of property choices, financial options and a safe and secure way of purchasing your property in France, IFL works with long established financial institutions as BNP Paribas and International companies.


Originally created in Dublin, Ireland, in 1999 IFL is now established in Hong Kong and has associate companies in Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok and Taipei, catering to the specific needs of the Asian-based clientele and investors.


Because personalized and high quality service is key, IFL ensures that each and every step of your purchase is fully secure; its bilingual team will provide you with the right advice throughout the buying process and thereafter.



Our Aim

Assist and advise people or companies who wish to purchase a property in France.


Secure every transaction and co-ordinate each project of purchasing (second residence or investment property).



The language barrier and differences in legal procedures are two huge obstacles to acquiring property, and yet competitive real estate prices make the prospect extremely attractive. The French property market is very vast and so the aim of our company is to give non-residents the same access to this market as French people.


IFL is a service company, which has been working for 12 years offering to search for property on the client's behalf throughout the entire French market via a countrywide network. We have access to properties off-market and very selected and confidential ones. Our aim is to provide our Asian clients the access to those properties.




Type of Properties


  • Hotels Particuliers in Paris
  • Buildings
  • Castles and Vineyards
  • Hotels *****
  • Palaces


IFL has access to very luxurious properties, off market, very confidential ones, thanks to its specific network built on confidence and experience for the last 13 years. Each client will find a property in ad-equation with his needs or dreams.




Procedure with IFL

  • Meeting and mandate from the client
  • Signature of Contract for Services (retainer fees)
  • Signature of NDA
  • Sourcing and selection of properties
  • Trip confirmation and organization of properties visits
  • Auditing and due diligence of up to 3 properties selected by the client


Included in IFL services:

  • Audit of the vineyard
  • Audit of the existing wine inventory (chemical analysis not included, to be made separately with an independent laboratory)
  • Audit of the winemaking equipment
  • Coordination with architects for auditing of buildings (architect or specialist fees not included)
  • Audit of the current strategy, the client portfolio, the production scheme, the HR
  • Short analysis of the 3 last P&Ls
  • SWOT analysis of the related companies
  • Written report with recommendations and further strategy key points
  • Review of possible investments and synergies when applicable
  • Setting up meetings to introduce the report by IFL's Castles & Vineyards Expert
  • Signature of the Sales Agreement
  • Signature of the Final Deed


We invite you to contact us at info@infranceltd.com for any additional information.